BOSCH High Pressure Cleaner AQT 33-11 110Bar_330lh_1300W_240V 06008A76L0

Price: RM411.00
Brand:  BOSCH
Model:  AQT33-11
SKU:  6010170032
Part No:  06008A76L0
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Main Features

  • High-efficiency pump and nozzle producing greater cleaning power
  • Push-fit connections for fast, easy setup
  • Space-saving and easy-to-carry design
  • All equipment carried on the pressure washer
  • The transverse pump gives a low centre of gravity and greater stability



Max. pressure 110 bar
Motor power 1300 W
Max. flow rate 330 l/h
Max. flow temperature 40° C
Cable length 5 m / PVC
Hose length 5 m / PVC
Weight (without accessories) 5.53 kg
Lance Lance
Fixed fan jet nozzle +
3-in-1 nozzle / 90° nozzle -/-
Patio cleaner / Patio cleaner DELUXE -/-
High-pressure nozzle for detergents +
Hose reel -
Roto-Power nozzle -
Wash brush -

Part number

0 600 8A7 6L0

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